Adaptive Clothing for Disabled Adults
Wheelchair Fashion for Women and Men in Wheelchairs
Wheelchair Adaptive JLine Fashions

High Quality Fashions for Easy Wheelchair Dressing

JLine Fashions is the inception of Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing Company the largest adaptive clothing company for disabled adults in the world.

Established in 1930, Silvert’s began as a small town department store and by the 1960s had developed into a chain of department stores.  Silvert’s realized by the late 80s that the best way to service our clientele was to offer easy at home shopping services via catalogue and website ordering and as result ceased selling via department stores.

Silvert’s motto from the beginning has been a strong commitment to “customer service and quality.”  As a result Silvert’s has been able to maintain strong customer loyalty for over 85 years.

As Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing has evolved there has become increased awareness that it was not just seniors but the younger disabled adult that has been neglected in terms fashion, comfort and functionality.

Wheelchair Adaptive Clothing Magnetic Shirts

Adaptive Clothing for Disabled Adults

As a result of extensive research Silvert’s is proud and pleased to introduce JLine Fashions Adaptive Clothing offering fashionable dressing solutions to younger disabled adults and younger people with disabilities.

Two issues have come to the forefront. First, the need to develop a line of clothing that makes dressing an effortless task instead of an impossible chore. Secondly, a service that enabled clients to shop in the comfort of their own home. The first issue addressed the need for a fashionable specialty line of clothing for disabled adults.  Focus research groups have been established, consisting of clients, caregivers and health care professionals. As a result Silvert’s has expanded its clothing line to incorporate  JLine Fashions Adaptive Clothing which offers easy access specialty clothing for people with disabilities that enables younger disabled adults to dress in comfort and style.

Magnetic Clothing Skirt
Magnetic Adaptive Shirt

Wheelchair Fashion for Women & Men in Wheelchairs

JLine Fashions Adaptive Clothing was launched in August 2015
and will continue to expand in the coming years to meet
the clothing needs of disabled adults.

Watch JLine Fashions Adaptive Clothing grow!



Fashion magnetic skirts; with wrap styling for adaptive dressing.
Trendy fashion wheelchair jeans for men that offer comfort and functionality for the wheelchair bound individual.
Tearaway pants for men that offer easy access dressing and undressing.
Special needs clothing wheelchair poncho rain capes
for women and men.

JLine Adaptive Fashions