Adaptive Clothing for Disabled Adults
Wheelchair Fashion for Women and Men in Wheelchairs
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What is Adaptive Clothing?

The term “Adaptive Clothing” is used to refer to clothing that offers closures, openings and fasteners that make dressing easy for those that find daily dressing a struggle. JLine Fashions Adaptive Clothing utilizes hidden magnet closures, zippers, snaps, elastic and VELCRO brand closures to help aid those with physical disabilities dress in a struggle free manor.

Whatever challenges with dressing may arise, JLine Adaptive Fashion Clothing can help. Whether you are struggling with closures on garments, or it is painful to raise your arms and pull clothing over your head or you are wheelchair dependent we have solutions from head to toe. No one will ever know the clothing is adaptive. JLine fashions adaptive clothing and adaptive wheelchair clothing offer you self dressing solutions and caregiver assisted dressing solutions.

Magnetic Shirt with Magnetic Buttons

Wheelchair Fashion for Women & Men in Wheelchairs

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Adaptive Clothing addresses the clothing needs of those with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), MS (Multiple Sclerosis), arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord injury, diabetes, paralysis, Parkinson’s and a multitude of other physical challenges.


Magnetic Shirt with Magnetic Buttons

Enjoy JLine’s fashionable disabled adult clothing with the added comfort and functionality of easy access dressing. Young professional adults can feel and look great in stylish adaptive clothing for women and men.

Easy Wheelchair Dressing

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At JLine Adaptive Fashions Clothing our motto is; “to look good and feel great” in what you wear.  Fashion and comfort meet to make your life easier!